Friday, 25 May 2012


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Thursday night at Parliament House: steady rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of eight of us.. Ewen & I had an early run of 8k, then I stayed around to accompany Andrew, Andy, Jen, Neil, Susan & Warrick doing a set of 200m runs with a return jog on the relatively dry west side of the House under lights. It was starting to get a bit cold and wet so we shortened the session to 20 minutes. Fortunately the forecast "wild and woolly" windy weather didn't arrive, but we have 22mm of rain in our gauge at home. I expect the winds will arrive today!

One day at a time
Yelena reports a streak of three days! Let's hope she gets out today and makes it four, If I run today it will be my 147th.

Cathy's coat
Ewen took a video of Sunday's half marathon "at the one mile mark". From

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  1. Yes, I think CJ is soft - wearing a ski jacket until she'd warmed up! I'm betting her softness leads to her being the first to stop streaking (after Yelena!).