Tuesday, 15 May 2012

cold snap

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 with 3 comments
Welcome back Ruth & Friends from WA. Here's a newspaper cutting courtesy of CJ.

With minus 3 here this morning - even lower if you believe some reports - it is unsurprising to see other centres are experiencing the cold too. Here is a photo taken yesterday in southern WA - not all that far from where Ruth & David were - where hail stones the size of golf balls hit at 2pm Sunday.

I ran early this morning with Craig and we didn't really feel the cold, rugged up as we were. There were several groups of runners around LBG this morning, including the Half Marathon training group, no doubt experiencing conditions which will be repeated this Sunday morning at 8:00am for the race itself.

I still haven't missed a day this year but I have been feeling tired so I have been cutting back the distance of some of my runs. Today I felt that things are improving, so in another week or so - if I don't run too fast in the half marathon - everything should be back to (20:12 for 5000m) normal.

Lemon Grass: There will be 22 people at the speedygeese dinner tonight.

Song of the week - Silenced by the Night, by Keane . http://youtu.be/5HrV_B0qrdY


  1. Enjoy your dinner, and then forget this 20:12 stuff, go out and run a sub 20!!!

  2. Thanks a/r, the old look was starting to look a bit tired so I gave it a rest.