Thursday, 17 May 2012


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"Dear friend patron of song, sprung from the race of kings;
"Thy name ever a grace and a protection brings ...
"My name, if to the lyre haply you chance to wed,
"Pride would high as the stars lift my exalted head."
– Horace.

Jeff Hunt & Martin Dent added to Olympic Team

"Hunt and Dent will join Michael Shelley who will combine together forming a strong treble to represent the green and gold.
"The selection marks a reversal in the selection policy from AA, who had previously held the line that Australian marathoners must break the 2:12 mark in order to qualify."

Read on at this link.

The Australian mountain running team for the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy on 2 September (see
Senior men: Jordan Harries (TAS), Mark Bourne (ACT), Nick Wightman (VIC), Robin Whitely (NSW), Gerard Robb (VIC), John Winsbury (ACT). Reserve: Daniel Green (ACT).
Senior women: Jessamy Hosking (ACT), Melissa Clarke (ACT), Vanessa Haverd (ACT), Elizabeth Humphries (ACT). Reserve: Louise Sharp (ACT).
Junior men: Robbie Hunt (TAS).
Junior women: Jade Dowling (QLD), Audrey Amiya-Hall (NSW).
Managers: Tim Crosbie (VIC), David Osmond (ACT).

The Australian mountain running team for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships at the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland on 8 September for women and 9 September for men (see
Men: John Winsbury (ACT), Andrew Tuckey (NSW), Gerard Robb (VIC), Daniel Green (ACT).
Women: Angela Bateup (ACT), Vanessa Haverd (ACT), Louise Sharp (ACT).
Manager: Melissa Clarke (ACT).

Race result 11 May Customs 5k: Andrew 20:00, Caroline 28:54


  1. Yay such awesome news. Lots of people to watch now - exciting.

  2. Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia! Lots to watch indeed.

  3. Am delighted to see/hear that Marty Dent has been selected to represent Australia in the marathon at the Olympics.

    Am equally delighted to see/hear that Vanessa H and Angela B have been selected to represent Australia in the long distance mountain run champs in Jungfrau. Am surprised and curious to see that Daniel G has been selected to run in the same.

    Some great long running spectating coming our way soon ....