Friday, 16 March 2012

A wally of segways

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speedygeese at the Vets Track 15 March
W50 Helen Larmour 2:57.13 73.6%
M70 Tony Booth 3:04.84 78.5

M50 Rod Lynch 11:44.17 72.6%
W55 Maria O'Reilly 12:15.83 87.7
M50 Roger Pilkington 12:16.02 70.0
W60 Ruth Baussmann 16:50.64 67.7

Congratulations to Kathy Southgate running 11:12.51 in the 3000m, breaking the Australian W55 record by 2 seconds.

Spiral 7
4 Tony Booth M70 14:58
7 Roger Pilkington M50 12:31
8 Helen Larmour W50 12:37
12 Rod Lynch M50 12:08
14 Ruth Baussmann W60 15:39

Two weeks until the final Vets Track night, 29 March. There is an ACTVAC 5000m track championship that night. You enter at the track on the night; entries close 30 minutes before the start.

Then the following Thursday, 5 April, training resumes at Dickson oval, 5:30pm, with an option to come along at 4:00pm for a longer run.

A veritable WALL-E of segways

Seems there are a lot of disabled people standing around by the lake these days

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  1. I don't get the Segway thing. Why don't people just enjoy self locomotion?? It doesn't have to be running. Why can't people just walk?? It really is enjoyable for its own sake. Oh, and then there's the health benefit ..... win-win.