Wednesday, 14 March 2012

speedygeese 2012 form guide

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Speedygeese form guide.
Abi Fargher: married less than a year and hasn’t stop running!!!!
Amanda Cook: goes by an alias to confuse the punter.
Andrew Simpson: has children aged 6, 4 and 2: the sequence has stopped, he now runs.
Andy Matthews: cooks up a storm just to feed his daughter. Or so he tells us.
Bronwyn Calver: runs downhill marathons. Why didn’t we think of that, they all count.
Caroline Campbell: races daily, up mountains or in triathlons, and flogs all other W65s.
Cathy Montalto: longest running current member of the speedygeese.
Cherie Parkes: will take over the speedygeese when she grows up and the rest of us get too old.
Christopher Lang: would like to take over the speedygeese, but is older than he looks.
Colin Farlow: is training to improve his training times.
Craig Davis: does 90 minute warm-ups for his speed sessions. Beatable in his speed sessions.
Ewen Thompson: writer extraordinaire; good source of training ideas and blogging ideas.
Geoff Moore: I attend every training session, only so that I can record who attended.
Havillah Correira: proof that you can run in every corner of the globe.
Helen Larmour: the only runner in the group who can chat away during the 20th hill sprint.
Janene Kingston: multi-talented: able to care both for Vets and for animals.
Jeni Greenland: gave a talk at the last Stromlo Running Festival. Good at talking.
Jen Bright: good at talking.
Jill Pearson: mother in law of Yelena. I’m jealous.
Joel Pearson: son of mother-in-law of Yelena. I’m very jealous.
Katherine Sheppard: last seen running off into the distance when warming up for training.
Kym Chisholm: will smash 20 minutes for 5k before I do, I’d bet on it.
Lauren Johnstone: so excited at joining the speedygeese, has left the country for six months.
Lincoln Hawkins: rubs shoulders with people who rub shoulders with sport stars.
Lucia Pietropaoli: keen to break 20:40 for 5k by 2040. Her maths is a worry.
Margaret McSpadden: keeps Ruth honest when they race
Maria O'Reilly: nice car!
Mick Charlton: worried that we might soon start doing footy training every week.
Miranda Rawlinson: would like the next speedygeese dinner to be at Kiama.
Nadine Morrison: could have beaten me to a sub 20 5k if not for a strategically placed pine cone.
Neil Boden: famous for having the most talented daughter.
Roger Pilkington: it’s good to have one other Crows supporter to talk to.
Ruth Baussmann: reliable supplier of jelly beans after training sessions.
Susan Sturgeon: only runs on the track in winter at Dickson.
Suzie Gye: specialty is staying upright until a race is over.
Tim Calver: someone else has done pole to pole; Tim could be the first to run the equator.
Warrick Howieson: has children and runs. See “Andrew” above.
Yelena Pearson: pocket rocket.
Zainab Farouk: source of the next wave of new speedygeese.

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  1. Love the way you have gone though all your athletes and riten a form guide...

  2. Cool form guide - very clever:)

  3. That's terrible news about Abi's marriage.

    Kym's next 5k will only be 21:12 - she hasn't run for 3 weeks.

  4. lol to Ewen's comment about Abi, sighing about me. Form - Looking at slow hobby joggers with horrific form with great envy. Likes pretending to be a butterfly in the water...

  5. It wasn't meant to be funny. I'm very worried about her. Must have been a short honeymoon.

  6. "Aki .. a butterfly in water". Yep, like it. Come back we miss you!