Tuesday, 13 March 2012


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Speedygeese training last night - it was a holiday in Canberra, but that didn't stop ten of us running at Parliament House. Running early were Andrew, Bronwyn and me. Training at 5:30pm doing kilometre intervals with one or two sets of exercises were Alison (new), Cookie, Andy, Bronwyn, Colin, Craig, me, Ruth & Tim. This month the plan is to continue using the exercise stations around the west side of Parliament House. Next month it will be too dark, given that daylight aving will have finished by then.

Speedygeese at the Customs 5k on Friday 9 March:
Jen Bright 21.53
Caroline Campbell 30.17
Bill Arthur 31.00

Song of the week
Fifty years ago when I started running, Bobby Darin’s “multiplication”  was the number one song in Australia. No it is not my song of the week. It is typical of the absolutely awful music that was popular just before the Beatles came along, bringing with them the music revolution. “When you see a gentleman bee Around a lady bee buzzing" etc. AAARRRGH!

Real song of the week: Restless. One of many great songs on the latest album by the brilliant Switchfoot.'

"I’ll be waiting
"All that I aim for
"What I was made for
"With every heartbeat
"All of my blood bleeds
"Running inside me
"Looking for you"

A powerful song with which to celebrate 50 years of running.

Where I ran today

After a great gym session focusing on upper body, a 7k jogette around Dunlop, feeling very good. Now for the next run - tonight's summer series 5k at Black Mountain Peninsula.


  1. I am running very slow of late but not that slow - should be 21:53 as gross was 35:53 minus 14:00 start - yikes! (Jen)

    1. Fixed, I was wondering what took you so long...

  2. I thought she pushed the pram!

    I need not have been fearful about Monday's early warm-up race - Helen didn't turn up.