Monday, 26 March 2012


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Happy Wedding Anniversary Abi & Will, one year today!

Coming Events Week 13 of 2012:
Monday 26 March 4:30pm *Parliament House 8k jog
Monday 26 March 5:30pm *Parliament House speedygeese training
Tuesday 27 March 12:15pm Ginninderra 7k Handicap
Wednesday 28 March 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k Woden
Thursday 29 March 6:00pm *ACTVAC Track (including 5000m championships)
Friday 30 March 12:15pm Customs 5k Commonwealth Park
Saturday 31 March 8:00am *Metro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
Saturday 31 March 1:00pm *YCRC Regatta Point 5k
Sunday 1 April 9:00am *YCRC Women’s and Grils’ 5k Fun Run
* = I expect to attend

Stromlo Forest Park

Strewth at Stromlo. I hope this photo meets her approval. They all look good to me. She is so photogenic. It is the matching gear she always wears. Must be a deliberate ploy to ensure there are always lots of photos of Strewth taken each month. Which there are.

1. About Sunday's 8k, I didn't run all that fast, I held back. The time wasn't quick.
2. I wasn't keen to push the pace having run 37k the day before.
3. The first 4k was at marathon pace, can I keep it up for another 46k?
4. The splits for the two laps were 18 minutes and 17 minutes. I would hope to be approaching 16 minutes per 4k in June for the Cross Country Championships.
5. The apparent "high" age percentage is more to do with age than with speed.


  1. Thanks Geoff! Bhutan and the wedding feel like ages ago, so the photo reminder is nice. And a great picture of Strewth, as always. Taken at the best running venue around (I definitely agree with you there!)

    1. Beautiful setting for a beautiful couple Abi:) And I hadn't seen that photo of me Geoff - I think I was trying for a smile instead of a grimace. The grass really did feel good on Sunday. I think I am quite liking that venue at last. Oh and speedygeoff I don't care what you say I think you are fast and you are going to do an amazing ultra!