Friday, 30 March 2012

parkrun comes to Canberra

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A new running series, parkrun, will begin soon in Canberra.

"Parkrun started in the UK in 2004 when a small group of runners ran a 5k at Bushy Park – the Bushy Park time trial. The concept of free, timed, weekly 5k runs gained momentum and the first Australian parkrun was launched on the Gold Coast in April 2011. There are now parkruns in Australia in 5 locations with around 3000 runners and numerous volunteers involved. Canberra will soon be the 6th location.

"Parkrun is coming to Canberra, commencing 28 April 2012 from John Knight Park on Lake Ginninderra. We think the 5k is an attractive distance for new runners, a good hit out for mid-distance runners and a good complement to a long-distance runner’s training regime.

"Our focus is on building a community of runners and people who love running, we are not looking to divide the loyalty of your club members. Parkrun is open to everyone, is free, safe and easy to take part in. Some people run with prams, some to consolidate their Couch to 5K achievements, some as a tempo run and some run to take down the Parkrun Australia’s course record of 15:31 (!!).

"I’m seeking your assistance to get this great concept off the ground in Canberra by spreading the word to your group (and others). We’ll be running from John Knight Memorial Park each Saturday from 28 April. So come along and say hi. Here’s a link to the route

"More information can be found at our website or join our facebook page ’Canberra Parkrun’."

The parkrun course

Happy Birthday Warrick, 42 today!

"Yes not Prime Minister"


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