Friday, 23 March 2012


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Frank Woodley - my favourite comedian.

No running near the pool

"You cannot have Parliamentary debate without a speaker." My weekly fix of Aussie satire.

I have had a bit of a rethink about April's 50k, based on training and race times. I should be able to run under four hours and still be reasonably comfortable. There's no point in running it in five hours if I can do it in four and get it over with, is there?


  1. You'll easily do the 50km under 4hrs! Based on your 1/2 marathon last weekend (~93min), if all goes similarly, you should run through the marathon finish in (sub?) ~3.15, which gives you plenty up your sleeve to go (well) under 4hrs in the 50km. Go You!!!

  2. That sounds right. But it was a token taper for the half. I thought I'd taper properly and aim for about 3:10 at the marathon distance and go on from there. And even if I slow up a lot, I still might be well under the 4 hours. But don't tell anyone; if I keep talking 4:20 we may all get a pleasant surprise.

  3. You will go well Speedygeoff, just keep Strewth covered. Next 3 weeks are just as important as the last 3 months. Taper well & enjoy.

    1. No pacers, so I will have to rely on drawing ahead of her 1k every 6.25k I run. Now that's not easy to work out on the run!

  4. Getting it over and done with quickly is a good plan. That's why the chaps that run a half marathon in 1 hour have got it so easy - they're just doing a 1 hour race!

    If you get to the marathon finish in 3:10 you'll have a nice 5 minute rest before Jog joins you to finish the 50k.

  5. Message to jog blog SHOULD I get to 42.195 first: "catch me if you can!!!"

  6. You're in much better marathon/50km form than me at the moment Speedygeoff. I think I'll be trying to catch you from the start!