Saturday, 3 March 2012

good news week. rain.

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, March 03, 2012 with 3 comments
  • The dams are full. The rivers are running.
  • Nathan (my son) has been posted to Melbourne. Officially. Now I will have plenty of reasons to bring Jenny (my wife) down to my favourite big city. Haven't been there since the last time the Masters Games were in Geelong.
  • The weather eased enough today to enjoy a long run without too much rain happening. 8:00am was the official assembly time; meeting then were Suzie, Riki (new), Zainab, Ewen, Lucia, Abi, Andy & I. Some of us ran or cycled before 8:00am; and we did varying distances after 8:00am; I totalled 28k running. I also spotted Bob & Craig at the Ferry Terminal doing some kind of random run. 
  • We have put a fire on today. 3 March, that's a record!
  • Bronwyn runs her downhill marathon tomorrow morning, good luck! The weather in New Plymouth could be a factor, and if they get the weather we have been having, which is almost certain, they will be water skiing down the course. The website for her marathon is Presumably results will appear there tomorrow.

I believe that Stromlo Forest Park is closed and won't reopen until Monday at the earliest. Therefore I will be running from home tomorrow morning instead of running at Stromlo. In any case Coppins Crossing on the way there is flooded and is closed indefinitely and it would have been a long detour to get there. And even if Stromlo were to be re-opened, the grass track would remain closed for the time being.

However Monday training is on whatever the weather. We could have another 50 to 100mm of rain between now and then. I won't be there at 4:30pm this Monday only. But we are definitely meeting at 5:30pm. It might be an idea to bring a change of clothes and a towel!

What my ANU friends do in their spare time.


  1. The rain will stop. One day.

    If it's bucketing down there's always the indoor track in the underground car park. Plenty of room down there for a real one, like this.

  2. They have already been castigated for their actions.