Wednesday, 7 March 2012

beautifully timed

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 with 6 comments
GOAL! "break 20:12 for a 5000m race in 2012" - DONE. I completed last night's Acton 5k run in 20:11.74, according to Ewen, who was in charge of one of the timing devices. Beautifully timed indeed. Achieved despite wind, water on the track, even a woman running towards me with a stroller who swerved out in front of me when she encountered the water. I arrived at the halfway turn in 9:49, and struggled back into the wind in 10:23, surging as I do when tired as I try to sustain the early pace. Footnote: the other timer got me at 20:11.64. So it was a genuine sub 20:12 then, and it will be rounded up to exactly 20:12 in the official results. Maybe I can improve on that in the ACTVAC track championships in three weeks, if conditions are favourable, but the priority is to run a fast half marathon in two weeks time and then complete my preparations for the 50k on 15 April.

The ball that gives you bounce.
Here's some input from Liz Bennett taken from the SMH. “With a med ball at home you don’t have that psychological block of ‘I have to go somewhere to get fit’ – and unlike dumb bells and barbells, they’re a familiar, friendly shape and easy to work with. My emphasis is on using simple equipment and your own body weight to build strength. I don’t think people need a gym to train effectively,” says Bennett. Read more at

Scary cats

Sprint Marathon Relay - Ruth and Cathy


  1. At least the track won't have strollers and continuous headwinds. There's also the advantage of timing down to 1/100ths. On the road a 20:11.01 and a 20:11.74 are both worth 20:12. If you break 20 on the road, make sure you do it by 2 seconds!

  2. Think I'll target my birth year next season if this improvement (i.e. consistent training) continues. 19:48 in 2013. Older people will have to run faster, haha.

  3. Awesome time speedygeoff - looking really good for the half:)

    1. Very confident about the half. I want to put in the same kind of attack at the start. Won't be left wondering.

  4. PS: I love that photo. It's the only time I'll ever be ahead of Cathy M:)