Thursday, 12 January 2012

record low

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I am wearing four layers of clothing this morning. Last night we Canberrans experienced the lowest temperature ever recorded in January, 1.6 degrees at 5:49am. Not as cold as our neighbours in Goulburn though, where the temperature dropped to a record -0.1. But the sun is shining and I shall run for a couple of hours in a warm part of the day.

We didn't expect snow

Yesterday at Falls Creek, Victoria, where many of the top runners have gathered to train during summer. Photo by one of them.

How to kick at the finish of a race:

·         Get to the end more aerobic than anyone else

·         Have a larger degree of anaerobic capacity to use.

·         Have a large reserve of motor units you can call upon

·         Be able to use them in fatigue!

·         Be close enough and feel good enough where your body extends it's [sic] limits a little- be motivated and challenged with goals just far enough to challenge yet close enough to be achievable.

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Glass and a half

Liz Bennett running the marathon on Sunday in Hobart. Got in just ahead of the weather, I'd say.

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  1. Good reason to run a fast 50k in April - beat the weather!