Tuesday, 17 January 2012


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Training last night at Parliament House: There were 22 runners in attendance in total: Abi, Nadine, Tim & I ran 8k early, I nearly managed 5 chin-ups on the way; Ewen ran 6k early. In our warm-up at 5:30pm we had another go at chin-ups so I got another 3 in. Another not-too-hot day, and we set ourselves various challenges around the Rose Garden loop, surging 200m during every lap. Nadine ran continuously for nearly 13 laps in the 30 minutes; Ewen ran continuously for 10 laps before stopping. Abi, Andrew, Colin, Craig, Jen, Kym, Lucia & Tim ran 12 laps on 2:30. Cookie, Andy, Cathy, Jill, Lauren, Mick, Neil, Ruth, Yelena & I ran 10 laps on 3 minutes; Lincoln switched groups mid-session, running 6 laps on 2:30 followed by 5 laps on 3:00; and Garry was there too, running five laps on 3:00 then switching to the 2:30 group to run 3 laps with them.

The real challenge?

On the other hand, the presence of "other runners" will always help us do better, just as our presence helps other runners do better. Ultimately though it is largely about us overcoming our own perceived limitations.

"Quitting" doesn't work. Realise that being an overcomer takes time and perseverance. Commit yourself to being an overcomer, and you surely will succeed.

The three C's of running:
Common sense


  1. Good fun last night. No wonder the numbers are increasing.

    1. We will have Bronwyn, Cherie, Jane and Warrick back next week. Could we break the record of 30 runners? We might get back into relays sooner than I thought.

  2. I agree with your 3 "Cs" - very good. While running yesterday I amused myself with thinking up some more: courage, conviction, capacity, company, constancy, challenging...(in no particular order) [M]