Sunday, 29 January 2012

new routine

Posted by speedygeoff On Sunday, January 29, 2012 | 6 comments
This coming week my routine changes slightly. No more gym classes on Monday+Wednesday, I am switching to Tuesday+Friday. This gives me an easier Monday with one hour less of exercise, but I shall still run in the morning and do full-on training at Parliament House in the afternoon. This may help me do better at chin-ups! Tuesdays become a bit tricky with gym in the morning plus a jog, and the YCRC Summer series race at 6:15pm. Wednesdays I will now have time to go for a longer early morning run before my lunchtime commitments. Friday is effectively a rest day, just the gym session and a few kms of easy running, plus chin-up training! I am sure that the ability to complete ten chin-ups by the end of February will significantly help me reach my 20 minute 5k goal.

Not much of a change of routine really. Still 100k per week, still one day only pushing the pace.

I have not yet entered April's marathon/50k, I still have a week or so to think about it. Now that is serious!

 "Tear yourself away from Facebook and give me dinner."


  1. Enter the 50 kms Speedygeoff. It means committment & focus. It's part of the plan. Otherwise, I do like your training plan changes. Seems to give more rest & time between the gym, running, races & other committments.

  2. What Mr Apples said ;-). I love that kitty pic :o).

  3. Hope entry for the 50k is twice the price of the warm-up event. That'll get you committed!

    1. 10:26 PM! It's past my bedtime! Goodnight all.

  4. Time is running out faster than you think!
    Same price, no commitment on entry. Therein lies the temptation at 42.195. Therefore I keep reinforcing my 50k intention publicly.

    1. Good attitude speedycoach - you will do it:)



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