Sunday, 13 November 2011


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Thanks to Thea, who wanted me to know there were runners with worse styles than her...

Today's awkward run was an easy 16k at Stromlo with Abi and Andrew. We went up an unnamed hill North of Uriarra Road first, for the scenic view at the top, before we ran down Uriarra Road, then back to circle the mountain. Despite the hill climb, the highest point was where we came out of West Stromlo onto the sealed main road.

The run home down the Mt Stromlo Road is most enjoyable. At one stage we were passed by Christopher hurtling down by bicycle. The cycle home would be appreciated too I imagine.

On the RHS of the map is the 2k cross country loop at Stromlo Forest Park which we did at the end to complete the 16k. For both my companions, I think, this 16k was their longest ever run. So far.

It's amazing how lethargic I feel at the start of such runs, and how much better I feel from halfway and on.

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  1. Depends how you define longest run. Is it time or distance? I've run longer distance ie a half marathon, but I haven't previously spent that long actually running.

    Clearly I was under done when I did the half