Friday, 28 January 2011

ice ice baby

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 28, 2011 with 1 comment
Candid Canberra #48: ice circles

This picture is a reminder how lovely and cold it was only a few months ago. Now it is stinking hot, making it difficult to stick to a training schedule!

Today's Customs 5k Joggers speedygeese times
Geoff Moore 21.45
Bob Harlow 22:04
Thea Zimpel 28.41
Carolyne Campbell 29.31
Carolyne Kramer 34.38
I felt flat today. And it was too hot. But it was still half a minute faster than last time.

The Box

Keith Bateman, on his facebook page: "Brilliant! Keith to guy handing out Fitness First Free-Trial cards: "If you can beat me around the block, I'll join", "Really? (excitedly)", "Yes, well any distance really; 5Km, 3Km, take your pick". "can you come back tomorrow?", "sure but you'll need to be quicker than 8:56 for 3k ... look here's my card ...". I don't expect him to be there tomorrow :-)"

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  1. We are having a particularly harsh winter here speedygeoff with record snowfalls along the Sea of Japan coast I've already forgotten what hot running was like! Thanks for the reminder.

    Well done Keith, nobody expects a silver headed old fella to be that fast! I reckon not many really realise just how fast that is!!