Sunday, 21 June 2009

Speedy Sunday results

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Here is how the speedygeese went today .... Please advise additions and corrections; I will change this post as they come in.

Canada Day Fun Run 5k
11. Amanda 22:30
12. Thea 22:31
13. Rachelle 23:01
21. Kelley 24:22

Canada Day Fun Run 10k
me ~42:35
Roger 45:41
Helen 45:42, 18th woman
Bronwyn ~46:50 23rd woman
Heidi 47:49 25th woman
Suzie ~50:17
Mick C ~52:20
Tony ~52:59
Caroline ~53:06
Mick H ~53:09
Yelena ~55:33 10k pb
Jodie ~60:34

Canada Day Fun Run conditions were very wet for the warm-up an hour before, but cleared nicely by 10:00 am for the run. Obviously humid, a little slippery underfoot in places, and casual water here and there, but pleasantly cool and no breeze.

I ran quickish but sensibly and at the end didn't feel that I had been in a race.

There was casual water on the AIS track too for the 800m & 3000m.

High Noon 800m
Geoff S ~2:31 74/77
Kathy S ~2:56 83/93

High Noon 3000m
Katie ~11:51 3:51/4:01/3:59
Ken ~11:59 4:02/4:03/3:56

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