Sunday, 7 June 2009

Don’t let it get away.

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 07, 2009 with 2 comments
Yesterday's speedygeese results at Weston Park.
Longstaff 8k
17. Geoff Moore M60 35:43
21. Michelle Wells W35 36:43
26. Heidi Johnston W35 38:51
35. Margaret McSpadden W60 51:40
38 finishers

Pennington 12k
30. Ken White M55 57:48
33. Yili Zhu M45 59:46
36 finishers
Not the easiest cross country course but one I quite enjoy. My race over 8k was a very even effort, averaging just under 4:30 per km, ending up with 35.43, which is eight seconds slower than I ran in mud and cold last year, so not particularly brilliant. In fact I felt quite unwell from the start to the finish but managed to hold on, just. As it was a 4k loop, and as the 8k and the 12k were combined, some runners in the 12k claimed an 8k time on the way round, which inflates the 8k finishing statistics slightly.

It's a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away. Janene, happy birthday.

A Lotus Bay photo
An advantage of officiating is you can avoid the worst courses, and take photos. Although according to Jack Pennington, we are all wimps. "In my day", he said, "cross country was real cross country, and there was a rule that every course had to include ploughed fields".  This one only has steep hills and treacherous rocks. "Where's the mud?" asks Jack.


  1. The ground might be finally soft enough to plow fields after this recent rain. I'll bring my Massey Ferguson to the next cross country race.

  2. Hi Ewen! And Woden track is fair game and could be fun breaking in. But you can leave Dickson alone until Spring.