Friday, 19 June 2009


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Last night's training: Garry & Susan, Roger & Yelena, Troy & Patrick, Mick H & Suzie, Brett M & Neil, Janene & Nadine, Bronwyn & Heidi, Rod & Brett L; ran 4 x 850m each, with a lap jog, in teams of two. I subbed for Garry on the third and Yelena on the fourth repetition. Another excellent session and a good turn-out, with new people still arriving which is good for the group. Under lights at Dickson is GOOD too.

This is what we look like Monday nights at Parliament House where the light is poor and the wisest of us wear lamps on our heads!

Message from Annette: Annette sent me this email
I’m not competing at the moment but not for want of trying – I’ve been out of town a lot of late and flat out when i’m here. However, I am getting in some training.

Dale and I have joined a Tuesday night training group along the foreshore in Wynnum. They work us hard! Last week was 2k warm up, 5 x run throughs, 3 x 2k, 1k warm down. This week was 2k warm up, 5 x run throughs, 6 x 800m FAST, and 1k warm down. The conditions have been idyllic – no wind and temperatures of around 16 degrees with a lovely water view to look at as we slog through the reps. There are about 14 in that group.

I’ve joined Gale Force Running Team and have been training with them on Thursday nights from Southbank. That’s more a running group than interval training group and we usually do about 9k around the Brisbane River and out to New Farm or Kangaroo Point or environs. Unfortunately our coach is injured so we’re having a break for a couple of weeks. We meet at the Active Stride running shop at southbank which is very convenient to the train and it’s easy to get home from there.

So far I haven’t made it to any of the cross country runs this year but did one last year over 5k and came dead last. I’m sure after all this training that will have changed. Maybe second last now !

At lunchtimes I go to the gym, or shopping or go running with a group of men from the Qld Department of Health who do a circuit of hills, pushups, situps etc and long sprints on the grass and around the riverstage. We also do a lot of step training. There are usually four to six of us doing that and it’s very social.

We’re still having magnificent running weather up here – most days I run in a singlet and shorts and occasionally venture into a t-shirt. You’ll remember that I was always first to don the gloves in Canberra and I certainly feel the cold now when I make my short trips back to see my family.

I often think of your running group and all the masters and cross country events and really miss the great network down there and the wonderful dirt trails.

I’d be very happy to run with any of your team who want to do something a bit different on their next trip to Brisbane. My weekend run is in Wynnum through a mangrove boardwalk, through a series of parks and around some bird sanctuary areas – all with a wonderful view of the local refinery. Sometimes I go the other direction and do a real estate run up and down the hills in Wynnum and Manly. There are five boat clubs here and a lot of good cafes so there is no shortage of places to enjoy after the run.

Hope your running is continuing to improve all the time. I am guessing the games in Sydney will be your next run, if not the gold coast half.

All the best


  1. Hi Annette!

    Someone you know wants to know if Dale still fits into his Weston Creek singlet.

  2. Forgot to say that's one fast headlamp!

  3. Must be Brownwyn's headlamp when the beams cross.