Thursday, 11 December 2008

How to be unhappy

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, December 11, 2008 with 5 comments
What I am reading: actually I am still reading the books I have mentioned before. So much for getting through a-book-a-week. So instead, I will write something:

How to be unhappy #1. Live in the Past.
The unhappiest people are always talking about the past; “those were the days”; “things were always much better back then”; “we will never have days like that again”; “all the best runners lived long ago”; “if only we could turn back the clock” and so on. The reality is, things are much better today, and the past is over-rated.

There is nothing wrong with valuing the past, as long as it doesn’t diminish what is happening right now. If you don’t realise that your life is getting better, you will only be miserable wishing and hoping that things would be like they were.

People are often trying to relive some past experience, some feeling they had years ago but which they can never experience again, and will go to great lengths to try and recreate that experience. They may resort to repeating the past, building monuments, ritualising or institutionalising activities which are aimed at recreating the past. But it’s all in vain, you cannot revisit the past now, no matter how hard you try.

And the present holds the promise of newer and better experiences!

But if you really prefer being unhappy, look backwards not forwards.

Runners at Innabaanya (continued)

1. Here comes Alan...
2. Peter's in front
3. Outa my way!
4. Miranda, Rod
5. Rod's catching up
6. Amanda, Ken, Katie all cooling down, and Maria, Roger, CJ all racing.
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  1. Ah, I used to think it was so cool to like Jethro Tull. And I remember all the words to the song Living In The Past. Does that mean I am living in the past? I msut say I preferred the 'Songs From The Wood' album, great cover art.

  2. ... on the back cover.

  3. Tesso, being so nostalgic for Jethro Tull that you still remember all the words doesn't mean you are living in the past! It only means you are showing your age and haven't got to dementia yet, amazingly. Same as me. Including the Jethro Tull cover. Whose primary purpose was to help you answer the question, "What the hell did I just read on speedygeoff's blog? Was it, too much of Jethyro Tull is not a good thing? Or something like that?" And maybe it will all come flooding back that what I actually said was that the present isn't such a bad place either. It's got everything today has to offer going for it. AND it's still got Jethro Tull!

  4. I like to run backwards so I can revisit the past.

    Happy belated bidets to Yelena and Amanda!

  5. You realise I have had Jethro Tull songs in my head since this blog entry! Not that I'm complaining, tho now I want, make that need, to go and buy a turntable so I can play my old JT records :)