Thursday, 18 December 2008


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Happy Birthday Katie 43 today!
Happy Birthday Roger 50 yesterday!

Black Mountain Challenge result
33. Mick Horan 25.09
44. Roger Pilkington 26.27
57. Bronwyn Calver 27.52
64. Amanda Walker 28.28
67. Geoff Barker 29.22
70. Peter Hogan 29.35
88. Caroline Campbell 31.57
114 finishers
I note that Vanessa Haverd was tenth in 21.39. She's quite good!!

How to be unhappy #6. Have a lengthy "to do" list. Of things you will get done one day. Let it get longer and longer.
How to be unhappy #7. Believe the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill. Envy your neighbours.
How to be unhappy #8. Believe in luck. Buy lottery tickets and plan all your life around winning some day. Wish, wish, wish.
How to be unhappy #9. Procrastinate. Forget about what needs to be done; put your feet up, grab the coke and chips, and watch TV.
How to be unhappy #10. Blame everyone else. It's all their fault. For every little thing. The world owes you a living. "They haven't given me what I deserve!"

I cannot be bothered elaborating any further. Why? It all seems so irrelevant. I am still on cloud nine.

Unhappy angels envious of the ones on cloud 9.

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  1. Happy bidet Katie, and belated bidet Roger!