Tuesday, 16 December 2008

ding dong merrily

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"The twelve days of Christmas": This is spoken by Frank Kelly, this is old as most jokes are; this I have heard so many times before, but I still laughed and laughed. Audio only:

Monday training: the last of our longer speed-endurance relays - Al, Amanda, Caroline, Cathy, Christopher, Ewen, Gary, Geoff B, me, Helen, Kathy, Katie, Ken, Margaret, Mick C, Mick H, Miranda, Rachelle & Ruth ran zigzag relays in teams of three, ten intervals each this week. Next week something special....

Weekend racing at Black Mountain: This year's run-up suffered from road closures due to the Half Iron Man being conducted at the same time, now that's not good planning. So people parked a km or so away - even further if they were running late, LOL, but enjoyed a great run up the mountain, and an even better breakfast afterwards at the top. See Allrounder's blog for the course map and elevation.

I don't have the Black Mountain results, but I do have December jogalong results: Helen ran 27.36, and Caroline 33.33.

Song of the week. The Fray – You Found Me - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=obhdTlImFBo. The album comes out in 2009. The atmosphere and heart of "The Fray" is closer to the real meaning of Christmas than most things happening around here.

This Thursday night's track program is a "novelty" night.
6.15pm a 1k "guess your time" turkey handicap. Hint: people invariably run much faster for 1k than they think they can.
6.30pm a 100m walk relay (if the same format as last year, this is a ten person shuttle relay, with "walking" not always strictly observed)
7:00pm 100m heats (handicapped)
7:15pm 100m final (handicapped)
There's a men's and a women's prize here. Called the "President's handicap", the President in question may turn out to be a past one?
7:45pm "twosome 2k". Everyone does run a full 2k, but only 50% of the runners do it flat out. So if you want to know what you can do for 2k, pair up with a very fast runner.
There is also a [modified] caber toss, a gumboot throw, a standing triple jump.
But I will come along for any lollies or champagne on offer.

How to be unhappy #5. Please others
You cannot expect to be happy if you only live to please others and never take time out to please yourself. So to stay unhappy simply always do what your children want you to do for them, always keep the house spotless, always work late when there is work someone wants you to do, always make sure no hair on your head is out of place in case someone sees you, attend every boring family dinner and training sessions and track meet only because someone else expects it of you, remember everyone's birthday without fail, and just be there for others even when there is no way you’d want to be there otherwise.

Actually, pleasing others is great fun as long as you are pleasing yourself as well. I love our training group because everyone chips in and helps others out, but we are all there primarily for our own personal benefit, me included, aren’t we?. And it doesn’t hurt to go off on a holiday occasionally, and come back refreshed and super-motivated. I do!


  1. The half ironman also clashed with this event in previous years.

  2. Thanks Friar, I had forgotten that it clashed before. In past years I was less cognisant of the Black Mountain run because I went out and ran around watching the Half Iron Man and cheering on Bob Harlow and others. This year I was more aware of it because I had planned to turn up and run Black Mountain for the first time, except injury intervened and I ended up staying home.