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2009 the year of transformation
To position oneself for personal transformation, the first key is to have a healthy, balanced, sober appreciation of one’s place in the universe, and to develop a true and appropriate sense of awe. The second key is to take charge of one’s mind, one’s attention, will, and thoughts.

Cricket matches can be so different from one day to the next!
As an example, taking the second key first, cricket players, when they line up to face each ball, are constantly reminding themselves to keep their eye on the ball, to remain fully focused, to shut out all distractions. They do this every time a new ball is to be dealt with. Is all this self talk really necessary? Yes, because there are many potential distractions, and the job is done only by paying no attention to distractions, and giving all attention to the task at hand.

As for the first key, the context within which every action occurs, every step is taken, for cricketers is to do with the game, the series, the career, the overall importance and significance of what is happening. This wider context provides the motivation, the raison d’ĂȘtre. The wider context is the "universe" within which we operate. As we enter a new year in 2009, my challenge for us is to adopt a positive and constructive world-view within which to operate, a world-view which allows for hope, challenge, inspiration, even awe; and is far beyond a desire for instant gratification and chasing after only short term goals.

Summary: Keys to transformation
Key 1. Full of anticipation and awe, knowing we can achieve worthwhile goals in the longer term, …
Key 2. …we employ directed self-talk to keep ourselves on track.

Seven day plan
Here's my plan for "week 1" of 2009; the overlapping week. Another 90k like last week:
Monday: Parliament House, a run at 4:30pm, speedygeese training at 5:30pm.
Tuesday: Stromlo at 6:00pm for a 5k tempo run. Plan to try for 22 minutes.
Wednesday: An easy run around Belconnen
Thursday: A longer run. Track is still one week away.
Friday: Another easy run around Belconnen
Saturday: Stromlo intervals 9:00am
Sunday: Stromlo long run 8:00am to complete 90k

Look at the big picture!
Last week I suffered a bit from a very sore throat, missed a day when partying, and finished the week with a sore hip and back, but still managed 90k. This week I shouldn't try to exceed 90k even if I am feeling good because I might pay for it the following week if I do! Better to run 90k  this week and the same the next, than 110k this week and 40k the next.

Andrea's cat
What a great photo, Andrea! Stolen from your blog, I know, but I couldn't resist. Cats seem able to keep things in their proper perspective!

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  1. LOL Geoff. I have just been catching up on blogs from the past week and came across this. She wasn't very happy about having her photo taken.
    She's not a goose - but her name is Chicken.