Thursday, 26 June 2008

Carry That Weight

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Ideal weight. Margaret running at Oakey Hill.

In response to a Cbox comment: if you want to read or write comments on posts in this blog, please wait and let the whole page load before you open up comments. Otherwise all page loading abends and you will have to start again by refreshing the page. It's a fault in the way I have implemented in-line comments. I guess.

I am having fun making friends on Facebook. I like Facebook now because there are short music pages for fans of various singers and bands, some of which even have samples of their music or links to video clips. Another thing I like is you can chat to friends when you are both on-line. Lots of my friends are on facebook. I also have a few photos up there and will add some more if/when I have time.

After yesterday's post where I confessed to having been 13kg heavier than I am now, I wonder if I should be getting my weight lower than its present 63kg? No, not right now, because (a) it is too cold at this time of year! I should wait for summer when it is easier to lose weight. (b) I am doing two gym sessions a week which should be building muscle, and c) no way am I going to restrict my diet at any time. I will keep on running long and if my weight drops a kg or two over the next few months, so be it.

By the way, for runners who need to lose weight, a drop of any more than 2kg in a month is not healthy.

After my mention of kangaroos on Tuesday, I ran around the trails behind the Pinnacle and saw only four kangaroos when in the past there have been oodles of them. Noticing the signs warning that poison had been laid for rabbits, and to keep dogs well away, I wondered if "accidentally" the kangaroos were being poisoned too? I have never seen so few around there.

Makes you wonder ...

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  1. hey SG, thanks for the donation - i've set a new goal to reach $1000 now...

    see you at training tonight...