Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Free as a Bird

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The speedygeese were flying again around Parliament House last night - hill sprints on the western side, where night time visibility is somewhat better than any of the alternative locations. Running were Ewen, Ruth, & Caroline, who gave the hill sprints a miss but warmed up with us then ran longer, and Cathy, Christine, Colin, Emma, Gary, myself, Helen, Joel, Katie, Ken, Mick H, Neil, Rachelle & Yelena who did the hills.

Michael W, Jeni and Caroline getting trophies in the March Handicap.

Coming Events
Wednesday 12:15pm BBQ Stakes Woden. For me, another shot at running a consistent 25 minutes for a hilly 6k, and a chance to catch up with Roger, Helen & Charlie.

Saturday 1:00pm Goorooyaroo 8k Horse Park Drive (towards the Federal Highway end). An excellent course if you like long hills. It's the ACTCCC's novice championships and I will be there officiating. I will be going for a long run from there up towards Mulligans Flat ("Flat". I don't think so!), probably after the race, if you want to join me for a great nature run assuming the new Gungahlin suburbs haven't scared off all the wildlife. There are/were many different kinds of birds inhabiting this area.

Sunday 9:00am Mt Ainslie ACTMA Handicaps. I haven't run a monthly handicap since January which means I am not eligible. In the short race, as I am in group 40 along with Katie 'n Ken, I think I will just run with them and give Katie back the point I owe her. Hang on, that won't work, I won't get any points anyway! After the race there's a special meeting with speedygoose Miranda nominating as ACTMA Secretary and friend Paul Archer nominating as Treasurer. The only wildlife other than speedygeese in this area are hundreds of kangaroos, providing they haven't all been shot while no-one was looking.


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