Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Gift of the Gabble

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 with 5 comments
This Thursday's track program.
Edit: this has now undergone major changes, in red
6.00 1500m walk and 3000m run concurrently
6:15 sprint hurdles
6.25 200m (Daniels) 200m Scratch
6.50 800m
7.10 60m
no relay
7.20 One Hour Run
Edit: I didn't know about the 3000m unfortunately, so I have already run hard today and have a long run scheduled for tomorrow. Too bad, can't do everything.

The February Vetrunner is already available for download. Oh no the Amanda/Colin photo is there, complete with my caption! Not that I mind. Still from Vetrunner, here's one of Maria:

Thomas Age Standard Winners 2007

How do you go about winning one of these age standard awards? Hint - Maria has a birthday this week.

Gift of the Gabble
Do geese gabble? Or is that turkeys? Few runners I know are shy or fail to communicate. I think that's because they don't hide themselves behind the walls and moats of their suburban fortresses, and they don't mind public display and public expression of their personalities. Hence, even when out of breath, rarely do runners fail to gabble on.

Percy Cerutty had the gift of the gabble, he was a passionate communicator. A great quote doing the rounds from Cerutty, which I have copied from here, is “The Use of the Will”.

I have long said, that the real use of the will is a “starter”. That is, to get us out of bed to train, rather than to conduct our training as if it was necessary to kill ourselves by continuous ill—advised effort.

Whilst I, and none better, recognise the need of serious and hard effort both in training and racing, I also realise that an over use of the will to ever-lastingly drive us along, day after day, year after year, can in time, end in nothing but staleness.

True, we must be conditioned to do certain efforts, almost routine, but the over—use of the will in exhausting and punishing “do or die” efforts is to be depreciated,

Very often, those blessed with a powerful will, a will that has been the means of lifting their efforts from the mediocre to class performance, these are the very people who find difficulty in using their will in the reverse direction, These athletes find the greatest difficulty in forcing themselves to take a rest, a holiday. to “give it away” for a week, a month, or a year.

The worse their performances become, the more they aggravate the trouble by “willing”, and by redoubled efforts strive to succeed despite Nature’s warnings and symptoms.

A reminder - Sunday's Vet's Handicap at Campbell Park starts at 8:30am.


  1. You and Robert Song have struck on the same theme Geoff. It takes me all my will to get up once the alam goes off...then I just go into zombie mode and whatever will be, will be.

  2. Bloody Vets and their 1 hr runs. I mean, really. Who runs for 1 hour these days? Why isn't there, like, a 4 hour run on the track or something? When's that event going to take place?

    I should go along and roll jaffas around the track for you all. They'll blend in for the colour too! Brilliant!

    Mwahahaha! It's all decided!

  3. Don't get too jealous, gosling, or when you grow up we will make you push us around the track in our wheel chairs.

  4. Yes Geoff - my beloved Dodger Cat, named after the Artful Dodger ( a first class theif! ).

    See you guys tonight at the track. I'm working the gate.

    Good luck to all running.


  5. Aki, enjoy life as an Open athlete. Before you know it you'll be a W30 and racing the ancients.

    I wondered about your cat Southy - now I know!

    8.30am! That's almost as bad as Stromlo at 7.30am!