Saturday, 18 August 2007

Engaged and Engrossed

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, August 18, 2007 with 2 comments
What running am I doing this weekend? I will soon be leaving for the Cross Country Club's Dunrossil Drive run today, always a good run because it is short and gets a large field; and the ACTVAC's Blewitt's Pines handicap run early tomorrow, where I will for the first time be comparing a "short course" time with last year's. I wasn't running all that well then, but I bet I cannot match it tomorrow.

...although it is the kind of day I would pefer to stay inside with someone warm and cuddly...

And on TV this weekend: two of the very best movies ever made are on SBS; Amelie tonight, and A Very Long Engagement tomorrow night. These movies are very different from each other, but both feature the acting skills of the engaging French actress Audrey Tautou.

I could very easily just veg out, stay home; watch the footy; watch Dr Who; watch these great movies. But no, the plan says I still need 31 more km this week, so running it is.


  1. What, only 31!

    Thats nothing for a super athlete like you my boss says to me.

    Kind of daunting when you say it though.

  2. i have amelie. it's a good one.

    have you seen europa europa? cosette? was it cosette?

    anyway, mark is in noosa with everyone else. i'm reviewing a grammar and style guide while watching 7 up (never had seen it) and checking e-mail.

    i think you're better at focusing.

    oh oh oh oh hey!
    i have a new run for me. in the hall of the mountain king (peer gynt). do loops of that. start slow and build with the crush-endo. used to do it for pool running. today i thought about spody's metronome (stylish and foppish elf?) and decided i could do intervals of that.

    waddaya say?