Thursday, 23 August 2007

Charlie's Day

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 23, 2007 with 4 comments
Yesterday wasn't your usual Wednesday. We will not forget 22-08-07. It all started with an exchange of presents between Jenny and me as we wished each other a happy 37th wedding anniversary. I should have realised it was going to be an "odd" day when it turned out we had bought the same anniversary card for each other!

Before heading off for an afternoon drive with Jenny, I did drop in to the BBQ Stakes to see how my running was going. Charlie had a blinder!

Roger ran 26:08 - 20 seconds slower than last week
I ran 26:47 - 20 seconds faster than last week.
Helen ran 26:50 - the same time as last week, and
Charlie ran 26:54 - a new pb and first time under 27 minutes.

So that was good and everyone was happy. Especially Charlie.

Later that afternoon, while on our drive, Jenny and I had a series of calls from our son Nathan in Brisbane, that Lisa was in the birthing suite and "it wouldn't be long". Sure enough, at 4:34pm, their third son, and our grandchild number ten, arrived into the world. "His name is Charlie", announced Nathan. "No second name yet".

So welcome into the world, Charlie Moore. A brand new baby born yesterday. 9 lb 1 oz. Just think, he will be my age in 2066! Scary!

So, Charlie McCormack, to avoid confusion we will have to think of another name for you. I wonder what that could be?


  1. Good times. Everyone is running fast!

    You could always call Charlie 'Macca'.

  2. Double doses of congrats to you and the fam Speedygeoff!

    Hope we get to see some baby pics soon.

  3. yep, baby pickies just arrived. Will post once ive had lunch if the computer is free!