Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I really don't know what to say...

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 with 3 comments
Once upon a time, back in the dim, dark past, Athletics Associations controlled all running. If you wanted to line up and race each other, you first had to join a club, then buy a uniform, then make sure it was tucked in, and only then could you be a runner. Naturally, anyone who was not young and super fast would not fit in.

But then along came Orienteering, Triathlons, Fun Runs, Road Runner Clubs, Cool Runners, and the list goes on. Everyone could organise their own running group and they didn't have to join the official Association. And running became accessible to all.

But deep down, some with long memories and little vision wished the past would return.

OK, last Saturday's full results of the 8k and 12k cross country races have still not appeared. What has appeared is a short list of names and times which only includes registered athletes. Gosh, the 1970s live again!

I can't imagine the Canberra Marathon, or the Gold Coast (National Championships) Marathon, or the City to Surf Fun Run, etc etc, leaving out of their results all but registered athletes.

It's historical and it's rubbish.

A very speedy goose

Real Runner Katie, who ran a blinder in the 8k on Saturday. But of course her name is not included in their results.


  1. More important than the results... did everyone have their shirts tucked in? Were all bra straps covered?

    I remember a trick from Sydney was to cut your shirt so only 1" would tuck in... It would then untuck itself during the race.

  2. A speedy response to this post follows.

    From: Michael J Thomson
    Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 9:59 PM
    Subject: Athletics ACT Cross Country Championships

    Dear Geoff
    I encourage articles, comments etc, but I do wish they are well informed, good debate is a sign of a healthy organisation. I take exception to your comments re the Cross Country Championships on the weekend.

    There were two events on the weekend, Athletics ACT Cross Country Championships and ACT Veterans Athletics Cross Country Championships.

    Athletics ACT has published the results of ALL athletes who that entered the Athletics ACT events, registered and Unregistered. ACT Veterans have the responsibility to publish the results of their events. We are two organisations that have a good working relationship, we combine events for the benefit of athletes. But at the end of the day there were two events out there run by two organisations responsible for two sets of results.

    Did you enter the Athletics ACT Cross Country Championships if not then why would you expect to see your name in the list of Athletics ACT Championship results.

    Ill informed comments like yours do a great disservice to those who give their time as volunteers each week and work against those of us trying to provide athletics for all.

    I thought the Championships were a great event, good weather, good fields and everyone seemed happy. Rather than focus on the positive you seem to be attracted to the negative. I welcome feedback where things do not run smoothly, constructive feedback helps us improve our service. As far as your comments go, there are other ways to improve the service that is provided, getting your facts first would be a good start, I put it to you comments like yours are not productive, and I for one do not appreciate them.

    A very speedy Geoff, in this case a bit too speedy!

    Michael Thomson
    Athletics ACT

  3. If I were doing the results, I’d probably just call the omissions “guest Vets” or something & include them.

    Good to see someone’s reading my blog. Not sure who…

    Of course the day, the organisation etc were great. We do things well here.