Saturday, 28 July 2007

Good Running Style

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, July 28, 2007 with 3 comments

We have been watching Mr Bean DVDs lately. Ah, bliss!

Speedygeese at last week's cross country championships:
3rd M45 12k Richard Faulks 48:20
5th M45 12k Roger Pilkington 53:26
1st M50 12k Ken White 53:54
8th M55 12k Geoff Sims 64:14
2nd W40 8k Katie Forestier 34:10
3rd W40 8k Annette Sugden 35:22
1st W50 8k Kathy Southgate 31:18
2nd W50 8k Maria O'Reilly 35:34
1st W55 8k Charmaine Knobel 41:35
1st W60 8k Caroline Campbell 42:50
3rd W60 8k Margaret McSpadden 47:04
4th M60 8k Geoff Barker 38:50

So far the Vets website lists just the Vets entrants, and the ACT Athletics website lists just their entrants.

It is important for the historical record to have the full results in one place.

And not just for the sake of archival honesty, but also because people not only want to know their own times, they also want to see how they went relative to everyone else they raced.

The Cross Country Club do the best in ensuring that accurate and complete results are kept. Will the results turn up eventually on the CCC website? Does their absence mean the Cross Country Club hasn't been provided with the complete list?

All good clean fun, eh?


  1. Anonymous30 July, 2007

    thanks for your support speedygeoff for those amongst us who feel and think what you have had to say on this matter .

    no news release in the Canberra Times for the victors and nothing for the punters like me on the ACT CC web , hope it appears eventually .... ibis

    i'm glad i had my watch on my wrist during the run for posterity (; thanks again , Ibis

  2. The experience is giving me a renewed appreciation that the Cross Country Club do an outstanding job. We shouldn't take it for granted, but express our appreciation at every opportunity, by word and deed.

  3. Anonymous30 July, 2007

    thanks for the reminder , i can become a little complacent regards matters of gratitude (: ibis