Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Everyone Is Holding On

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 with 1 comment
Training last night saw Adam, Alan, Charmaine, Emma, Kathy, Katie, Ken, Maria, Neil, Peter and Sonia run a very solid session of twenty uphill sprints on a very icy evening. A few others were there - Amanda (who turned up to discover she had forgotten her shoes), Sylvia and Caroline (I didn't see what they did), Ewen and I (who passed on the sprints). And the winter flu had hit Colin and Joel at least. And Helen was skiing up in the mountains, and Ruth and CJ were luxuriating in Mykonis. So a jolly good turn out, considering. Look out Amanda, Sonia is one training session ahead of you!

My impression was that those who did the sprints are all in very good form; fancy that many training so hard when it was such a freezing day.

My song of the week.
As regular readers will know, a favourite of mine is Radiohead, so if you like your music frantic and loud, here's a way out there live version of "National Anthem". It is impossible to run slowly to music like this!

And here we have Alan finishing the Half Marathon.

Strange, that woman with the yellow top and red sleeves is in all 570 photos of the finish. Smile, Kerry!.

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  1. Really enjoyed listening to that song, thanks.