Tuesday, 23 January 2007

“…and the heat goes on”

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quote of the day: "Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say"

Monday night's training had a solid turn out of Alan, Amanda, Annette, Charlie, Christopher, Dennis, Emma, Ewen, Helen, Joel, Katie, Ken, Maria, Mick C, Peter, Ruth, Trevor, Yelena, Chantelle, James and I running 20 intervals of 100m up a steepish hill, in 30 minutes. But before training, Ewen & I ran long and encountered a large group of inexperienced runners, one of whom we saw collapsed on the ground. I spoke later last night to the ambulance officer who treated him, coincidentally the officer was at a house where I was attending a comitteee meeting; the officer said the runner had suffered heat stroke and was lapsing into and out of consciousness, but was OK.

Those runners had been jogging at a very slow pace, slow enough that our six minute kms breezed past them. But why didn't their supervisor impress upon them the need to hydrate?

This morning I had no petrol and could not be bothered to fill up, so I ran an old training run from the eighties, the "Pipe Flat West" run from home.

Unfortunately at around 17km there was a sign "NO ENTRY" in large unfriendly letters. That wasn't there twenty years ago! The shortest return trip home was exactly the 17km I had just run. A bit far on a hot day: and it was 10:30am. So I kept going. Then at 21km a car pulled up next to me and I was roundly told off by a round woman for trespassing on her property. What a shame; the run along the Molonglo is a pleasant one with views of cliffs and natives pines which have survived the ravages of time, pollution, vandalism, and fires. And while it is twenty years since I ran that track, it was unchanged, still flat! and this time all my favourite radiohead songs were helping me enjoy it all the more.

I lost two kilos of fluid during that run as well. Good thing I am fit and don't need medical attention on hot days. Although come to think of it, the north-west Belconnen runs are safer; there are people around, I might get distressed one day.

1. Thursday's Vets T&F program
6.00 pm 3000m
6.15 pm 60m
7.00 pm 800m (this one's a "pennington")
8.00 pm 4 x 100m relay
8.15 pm spiral 5

2. I think I will run, sorry, shuffle the 6pm 3000m come hell, high water, or 37.5 degree heat.

3. Sunday's monthly handicaps resume on the 28th at Campbell Park. Note the earlier start time: 8:30am.

if you ignore NO ENTRY signs, who knows where you will end up?

...pipe flat west ...

the vertical lines are where there were gates to climb
the flat bit is from 9k to 16k
the 17k NO ENTRY sign was well past the point of no return!


  1. So after the 21km how much further did you run to return home again??

  2. "Interesting houses" - not what you think. Just some strange architecture. Things like round houses, huge glass frontages, houses dug into the hillside and lots of bare concrete coloumns a la 80s style. Plus some excruciatingly steep driveways!

  3. Approx 300m strewth. As you can see if you click on the chart to enlarge it, then examine it closely. We 55+s don't have the best eyes, eh? Must be having grandchildren, that's what slows us down.

  4. Now if the bulls had been chasing you, there would have been one/several pieces of SpeedyGeoff