Thursday, 3 August 2006

Twentieth BBQ Stakes

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 03, 2006 with 3 comments

On my twentieth BBQ Stakes run yesterday, I was rather pleased to have run a BBQ Stakes pb, and on the hardest course variation too.

Previous BBQ Stakes pbs
25:13 for 3k out- 3k back (the easiest variation, only run when the usual path was closed. Avoids the biggest hill.)
25:40 for the 6k clockwise version (the normal course)
25.58 for the 6k anticlockwise version (the hardest variation, used once a month)

My new pb – 25:03, and it was on the anticlockwise course.

I just missed out by three seconds on winning the handicap, but for the first time I was in the winning team (the “retired” team). The BBQ Stakes handicaps are fair, as they are based on actual times, unlike say Customs where they seem to randomly swing from over- to under- handicapped.

Helen ran a one second pb as well, also beating her “out-and-back” time.

And Flashduck seemed to be running better than usual when I saw her in the second half of the run.

BBQ Stakes is good Wednesday lunchtime training, but I'm not sure how that is going to work when Thursday night track starts later on this year.

Movies I would like to see #4. Podcast Away. (USA, 2002) A man stuck on a desert island vents his frustration after his iPod battery refuses to hold a charge.

Quote: For those who didn't see it, Ewen’s Extension: "As you lose fitness, it never gets easier, you just go slower"


  1. Mate - thanks for your comments the other day. Always love dropping around to yours for a few movie suggestions

    (love the latest cartoon too - I think I bumped into her once)

  2. Wow, big congrats Speedygeoff! That's a huge PB. Awesome :-)

  3. Impressive blog***. Almost more on it than the coolrunning main page.
    I liked the Lydiard extract.

    I had a good laugh at your comment.