Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Slowly breaking through the daylight..

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 with 2 comments
quote of the day: "rapid motion through space elates one" - James Joyce

The usually unreliable Canberra Times says daylight saving will start on 1 October this year. If it does, that's great news for us! It means more options for training sessions at Parliament House, and it means it won't be quite as cold and miserable for the first one or two Thursday night track meetings at Bruce in October.

start of whinge. I still haven't seen the Vets track program. I try to plan ahead six months or so, and I am waiting to make bookings at Easter depending on when our championships are.... as well as planning training programs through summer leading up to our championships. Gee I hope I find out soon, I have even sent emails and got no replies... end of whinge.

I saw sun rise, I saw sunlight
I am nothing, in the dark
And the clouds burst to show a daylight

This Sunday I will try and run the half marathon about six minutes faster than I managed on a similar course (above) earlier this year... it will be my last shot in 2006 at a fast time. p.s. that's David behind me. A rare event indeed. I had caught him from a long way back. He passed me again soon after this.

And are both my feet firmly on the ground?

Aristotle: To actualise its potential.


  1. as far as i'm aware ACT is sticking with NSW, SA, & Victoria with a 29 October start...

  2. Four hours ago
    "ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says he supports a Victorian proposal to extend daylight saving.

    Victorian Premier Steve Bracks has written to the ACT, Tasmania and New South Wales to suggest extending daylight saving by 35 days.

    Mr Stanhope says the proposal is a good idea, but he is waiting to see if NSW will agree to the change.

    "I'm happy with the Steve Bracks proposal that we bring forward daylight saving by four weeks to the beginning of October, we extend it by one week to the first week of April," he said.

    "But we do need to be and remain in step with New South Wales.

    "So I'm hopeful that Morris Iemma and New South Wales will support the Steve Bracks proposal and we could happily fall in line with that."

    So it's only a proposal. Darn. SA has also supported it too, but you know what NSW is like.