Thursday, 16 March 2006

Too many koalas, too few ducks

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 16, 2006 with 5 comments
The Canberra Marathon entries have closed. I think I have achieved my main goal, a single digit chest number. I can see only five men with a faster pb among the entrants, which makes me number six.

Team Moore marathon entrants

Name, State, Age, PB, Year
Ruth Baussman, ACT, 55, 3:58:44, 2003
Gary Bowen, ACT, 49, 3:27:03, 2004
Peter Hogan, ACT, 59
Geoff Moore, ACT, 57, 2:26:58, 1978
Cathy Newman, ACT, 45, 3:40:11, 2005
Roger Pilkington, ACT, 47, 3:24:57, 2005
John Stoney, ACT, 40, 3:53:00, 2003
David Webster, ACT, 54, 3:14:27, 2005

Everyone else, come along and cheer!

Go here for the full list of entrants including 5k, 10k, and 50k.


  1. Go all you Team Moore Marathoners - Can't wait to see who wins out of Gary and Roger.

    And my personal favourite - watching the Chief Speedy Goose running for 4 hours attached to a helium balloon, I sure hope he doesn't float away!!

  2. Hey I just finished the puzzle - how cool is that!! It's great fun. And go Speedy Goose and Team Moore Marathoners. By the way Susan Archer has entered too and she has a pretty good record!!

  3. I told everyone there were flesh eating gorillas out there! No one would believe me! (re: puzzle, I'm not as insane as you may believe).

  4. You were right Aki. Fierce blue flesh eating gorillas with a wicked sense of humour. Now that we have proof we can warn the world: marathons are dangerous.

  5. Sue Archer, I think , achieved a record in the Weston Creek Half Marathon.