Friday, 31 March 2006


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Thursday was the day I spoke to many who had been to the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, and I wondered why I hadn’t even thought about going down there myself and being part of the most awesome sporting spectacular Australia has ever seen.
Thursday was the day I felt sick with severe stomach ache for the second day in a row, making me wonder whether this, as well as the sore achilles, was going to be too much for me to run the marathon in a week’s time. But another few days should fix that! I am very glad my goal this week was “run as I feel” cause I sure don’t feel like running.
Thursday was the day I watched the Pennington 1500m race, won deservedly and by a huge margin by John Morton. Good on Maria for finishing fourth over all.
Thursday was the day I saw more than one member of my training group excel themselves in pace judgment as they ran excellent even splits in the same 1500m. Extraordinary effort guys. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
Thursday was the day I saw Tony run an extra lap for the spiral 8 because he forgot to move out on one of the laps; which is really funny because it was Tony himself who originated the spiral handicap concept. And he chose the longest spiral race for this brain explosion.
Not a bad day in all but I am feeling very nervous about next week!

Postscript. Heh, certain people are doing the iron man this weekend AND the marathon next. How do you do that?

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  1. That would have taken the sting out of Tony's usual sprint finish!