Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Geese Fly South

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Weston Creek Half Marathon

Many Northsiders including a few Speedy Geese flew South of the lake to the Irish Club on Sunday to race in the annual Weston Creek Half Marathon.

It is usually a hot day for the run once the clouds burn off and Sunday was hot despite the clouds staying put.

It is a great day for runners and non-runners alike, with many family, friends and other spectators coming down to the course to have a gander at the runners.

Team Goose

Team Moore, or are we going to be known in future as Team Goose, enjoyed the run and did fairly well. Here are our individual performances.
43 David Webster 1:31.25
47 Roger Pilkington 1:32.39
53 Geoff Moore 1:33.40
56 Bob Harlow 1:34.29
70 Cathy Newman 1:38.12 - first W45
99 Zel Bodulovic 1:43.52
122 John Alcock 1:49.40
131 Thea Zimpel 1:52.48
135 Peter Hogan 1:53.50
149 Ruth Baussmann 1:56.47
161 Margaret McSpadden 1:59.26
181 Caroline Campbell 2:04.10 - first W60 I think
221 finishers not including relay team runners.

And our relay performance.
1 Speedy Geese 1:37.41 - first team!
45 relay teams finished

Have one start time!

A great day; the only complaint I have is the not-slow runners who abuse the early start privilege extended to the very slow. It is quite unfair for a handful of runners to start early and run out the front in potentially better conditions. This needs to be policed or eliminated altogether. To defuse complaints from the runners involved, I would suggest starting everybody at the early start time, 7:00am.

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  1. I have to say there's a great variety of speeds coming from Team Goose!! And I agree with you about the early start - that extra half hour makes all the difference to the heat towards the end of the run, especially for those of us who are edging towards 2 hours!