Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Training Plans

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, August 03, 2005 with 3 comments
Hurray some nicer winter weather - or at least up to today. All being well all of our sessions at PH on Mondays & the AIS on Thursdays will continue as planned thru August and leading up to the CTFR on 18 September.
I plan to continue a series of time trials at the AIS, and a few short sharp runs as needed or when sprinters turn up. For CTFR preparation some runs of between 2k and 5k are called for so that is what we will do for the next few weeks.
At PH it depends somewhat on what areas are runnable or whether the powers that be make it impossible to train there by digging everything up. (So much for their work being finished in April, promises promises). What I would like to do there will include sets of shorter sprints than we have been doing, with longer recoveries, possibly in teams with batons if that is practical.
Only six weeks until the CTFR, means a bit of sharpening, race practice, and easing back from the very hard interval sessions.

p.s. I ran the BBQ stakes today for the first time ever. I have missed thousands of runs there!


  1. Hey Geoff,

    I got my CTFR entry in the mail yesterday - it occurred to me that we could enter as a team? Could/Should we do that or not???

    Good training session on Monday night - those interval sessions are good fun...............

    Btw - did I tell you how nice your green shoes are??

  2. I've been enjoying the 'Form Principles' Geoff. Regarding #3 'running on your toes' - I don't agree with this one. With distance running I think the whole foot should be used - the heel touching the ground first very lightly then the foot rolling through the mid-foot to toe-off.

    This is not a 'heavy heel strike' landing. I think a 'light heel landing' helps in preventing calf problems. It's possible to run very fast this way - even down to 800m. I am not an example as I'm a very slow wombat but I know runners who run quickly this way.

    I hope to be back at PH on Monday!

  3. KT - To sleep Perchance Team Green (perchance to dream)? Sounds like a good idea - I haven't run as a team before. Are you old enough?

    Ewen - Toe running?
    I will continue to develop this theme about good form meaning being "up on the toes". I concede though that the running form I like DOES touch down at the heel but not necessarily first- so there, you have forced me to make a partial concession. Your description is pretty right. But SUBJECTIVELY it feels like it's running on the mid-sole or fore-foot rather than on the heels.