Thursday, 25 August 2005

North Lyneham Photo

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 25, 2005 with 3 comments
The North Lyneham photo that has "innocently" graced this weblog for the last six months is a little strange!
Did anyone happen to notice?
Why is it strange?
To find out, let's see which Team Moore members are in the photo.
From the left - Cathy Newman, Colin Farlow, Roy Jones, Ruth Baussmann, Alan Duus, Christopher Lang, Tony Booth, Margaret McSpadden, Michael Leahey, yours truly, Rae Palmer, *someone* behind Rae, Jenny Langton, Charmaine Knobel, Ken White, and Gabrielle Brown.
So who is the *someone* behind Rae? The answer is - it's yours truly - again - cloned - very speedy indeed to be able to move faster than a digital camera.
And Maria O'Reilly was there when the photo was taken, but she has been erased.

Cutting and splicing by Ewen Thompson - who was there too, but behind the camera.

Q: Do we want to return to North Lyneham this summer? Or would we rather stay at Parliament House?
North Lyneham might be less attractive this year because of road works, are they going ahead this summer?
Parliament House might have finished its building works; also there are more running venues available there in daylight saving time than there have been in winter in the dark. Maybe the grass will regrow this spring?


  1. I vote for Parliament House, it is very central and offers a lot of diversity for training. I'll never be able to make it to Nth Lyneham by 5.30pm in all that traffic!! Besides - I'd miss me mate's at the hill.

  2. Parly House is easier for me to get to traffic wise. Northboure Ave is a nightmare at peak hour. A good run would be around half of the lower the bush track then up past the embassies and along the bush track on the ridge of Stirling Hills. There could be a good loop in Stirling Hills for 'repeats'.

  3. How about plan C - Parliament House Monday nights, North Lyneham Tuesday nights (a "repeat" of Monday), and people can decide to attend either or both?