Sunday, 28 August 2005

Half Marathon Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, August 28, 2005 with 5 comments
Team Moore results from today's Half Marathon.

A beautiful Canberra day saw a start among the newly planted Floriade flower beds, and great runs by Maria winning the W50s in brilliant fashion, David taking 2 minutes off his pb, Cathy making it look easy, Gary right on his 1:35 target, and speedygeoff running way faster than current form suggested.

And it looks as if Floriade will be blooming early this year.

M45 8 Gary Bowen 1:35:04
M50 1 Michael Leahy 1:22:45
M50 2 David Webster 1:24:29
M50 5 Ken White 1:45:28
M50 6 Mick Charlton 1:51:26
M55 2 Bob Harlow 1:29:58
M55 3 Geoff Moore 1:30:48
M55 6 John Kennedy 1:33:49
M55 9 Ken Eynon 1:41:15
M55 10 John Alcock 1:44:44
M55 13 Alan Duus 1:48:20
M55 14 Peter Hogan 1:48:40
M60 3 Geoff Barker 1:44:50

W40 5 Cathy Newman 1:45:08
W50 1 Maria O'Reilly 1:37:23
W55 4 Margaret McSpadden 1:57:13

p.s. full Australian Cross Country results at

... and that's your blooming lot.


  1. Full Results have been posted to:-

  2. How did you run that fast Geoff! Very ordinary injury-ridden pre-race form and then a 90 minute half. You're a great racer!

  3. Yes Ewen, I don't know how people can train at race pace - or is it that they race at training pace? Percy Cerutty used to say, get to the halfway mark as if it were the race itself. Well I don't teach that but I still do it.
    And I find running fast quite hard and I just cannot make myself do it every day.

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