Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Earth to Parliament House

Posted by Ewen on Tuesday, August 23, 2005 with 4 comments

I thought I'd write a short post about last night's training (as Geoff had a very slack excuse for not turning up). I'm able to comment because I jogged around at the back of the pack with a dodgy hamstring. At the left is a photograph from space showing where we ran. It's quite an old photo as it shows a road in front of our house where any demonstrator is free to drive up and park.

There was a good crowd of friendly demonstrators there last night. We all were careful to say "G'day Mate" to all the guards who watched our progress with interest. Colin supervised training and OH&S issues were a priority. He told us not to hurdle the barriers (like Lauren would) into the big hole in the footpath. He advised us to jog slowly past this obstacle single file in the gutter. He also warned us about the odd pothole caused by errant tractors.

We were to run the 'U' of Parliament House on the sandy footpath 'sprinting' half of each straight and 'jogging' the other half to recover. We ran two laps (2 Ewes?) and here are the results... Leading at all times was Colin (how could he supervise from there?) followed by Jenny! (looking very determined and purposeful). Then came Richard followed by Trevor. From here my memory is a bit blurry but I think it was Katie and Kevin, then David, then a bunch of marsupials with Cathy, Ken and Neil fairly prominent.

Towards the back was Maureen, Mike and a jet-lagged Ruth. After we finished the hard stuff we jogged another 1.7k to warm down!


  1. ... and the green lawn is very green in the photo.

    Ewen, I do hope your hamstring comes good soon - in time for a fast Canberra Times 10k, at least.

    Welcome back Strewth.

    And cj also has a good write-up of this session... see http://www.froggie61.blogspot.com/

  2. I wasn't brave enough to say Gidday Mate to the guard - I wanted to, but I got scared at the last minute (Jenny can verify this), the Guard gave us a nod as we ran past, but he didn't say Gidday.............

  3. Thanks speedygeoff - it's good to be back (i think) & i said "g'day" to that guard & he responded but I wussed out on the "mate" so that probably explains why he replied. He was actually quite friendly! And thanks for pointing me out at the rear Ewen!! Could be like that for a while but I'll catch up eventually (I hope).

  4. Oh and more importantly - congratulations speedygeoff on 35 years of wedded bliss (I'm one year behind you!!) Well done!