Friday, 23 February 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 18 February long run report [Jen]: To start I should say that I wasn't actually at the long run today. There will be no guarantee that this report is actually very accurate and indeed most of it will be made up. William Barlow did provide me with with some notes thankfully.
It was a brisk morning at the start of the run when 12 runners sprinted away from Tuggeranong McDonalds vowing never to come back. They had only waited out the front of Maccas for a short while, but it didn't take long from watching the clientele coming and going to know that it was a place to be avoided.
Graeme had created a very pleasant course on nice trails over Urambi hills and along the Murrumbidgee to Point Hut and back.
I'm not actually sure if anyone got lost but apparently they made a good effort to try. Narelle did her best to stop their efforts of "extra exploring" by yelling out directions whenever she could.
Those running today were: Jinny, Susan, Narelle, Graeme,William, Martin, Brownie, Sue, Matt, Paul as well as first-timers Rowan and Richard!
Everyone ending up running anywhere from 15k to 22k (even if they did risk their life and limb by doing laps of maccas to achieve the further distance)
There were no major falls although Martin did try to roll his ankle at the 1k mark. Luckily didn't do a good enough job of it and kept upright so that he continued and finished the rest of the run.
Lucky thing as he tends to be the one that many of us rely on to keep us going and remain upright on the running front!
It was a great turn out for a lovely run when many of us were absent doing various other events.
Lots of us were at Jimmy’s sprint marathon relay at Fadden Pines. Only to be greatly disappointed to find out that the Wooden spoon prize was no longer on offer. A sought after and obtainable goal for many.
Ruth and Dave were away for the Huskisson Triathlon (Dave coming second in his age group).
Jen Blake was in NZ winning her age group in a tough half marathon (Shot over moonlight marathon)
Shiree was doing UTA training - 32 hilly ks (with Kristy and others) after running up and down Tennent the day before!
Thach and Jason were off doing the "big canberra bike ride" both involving their children in the event. (Jason backing up after a 3 hour rogaining event the night before!
So basically a bunch of over achievers really.
See you next week on our Sunday long run which will include doing the Coombs park run trial somewhere in the middle of it. 🤓

Monday 19 February at Parliament House: 20 minutes of 3 person zig zag relays, then 5 or so minutes of 2 person. Present: Bron, Dom, Mick C, Miranda, Jinny, Ruth, Colin, Rae, Bernado, Vanessa, Jen, Isaac, Pieta, Warrick, Lisa, Craig, Christopher, me supervising, and I saw Adrian and Richard and Daniel there as well.

Thursday 22 February at Stromlo Forest Park saw a smaller number run the km intervals, while Thach and Ryan hit the cycle tracks before joining in the warmup 2.5k. I ran a few token kms, and Jen, Isaac, Jennie, Colin and Andrew ran 3 x 1km, and Sandeep ran 4 x 700m.

Just a few of the speedygeese


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