Wednesday, 30 September 2015

See Where We Went 16 May 2014 - Chelsea

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Over the next week or so I am going to post the remainder of our "See Where We Went" UK and Ireland trip in 2014.
Those from 25 May 2014 and on were all posted earlier: See the label!
All that are left to put up are from the first third of our trip - everything we did before boarding a ship in Portsmouth.
So here we go.
On the 16th we flew into Heathrow and took the tube to South Kensington, walking across to our Chelsea hotel.
Leaving our luggage there - it was very early in the day - we walked down to the Thames, bought some lunch, then hopped on a bus to St Pauls and back, just to see the sights.
My phone battery died so the last four photos here are Jenny's.
Otherwise every photo after this will be mine. A small selection.


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