Wednesday, 9 April 2014

training sessions and sky runs

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Saturday 5 April Acton Ferry Terminal Andy & I ran a pleasant quickish 12k.

Sunday 6 April Stromlo David & Andrew 3 x km , 1 x 500m reps; Lucia 4 x 400m reps, me jogging. As this coming Sunday is the running festival, and the following Sunday is Easter, the next time we meet at Stromlo will be 27 April and we have decided to switch to 7:30am.

Monday 7 April Parliament House. Ewen and I ran 8k early. Then we had enough turn up for interval training to conduct continuous relays. A short course on the east side, teams of 3 for nearly 30 minutes. Participating were Andrew, Andy, Christopher, Colin, Daniel, Ewen, me, Jen, Leonie, Mick, Peter, Vanessa, Warrick. The first dark night but light enough to see around the course.

This Thursday we will see what Dickson brings. I might just hang around the track from 4:00pm and on, to see what its usage is. We would certainly like to use Dickson for our Thursday interval sessions rather than any of the alternatives.

This looks like fun..

Sarah-Jayne running Sunday's Buffalo Stampede - 42k of hell from Bright to Buffalo. She ran second - first Australian - and wins an all expenses paid trip to France to run another one as part of the Australian sky running team. Sarah described the Bright course as "Most ridiculous trail marathon course ever"!

Update: Buffalo Stampede marathon result: Sarah-Jayne 5:40:27, 22nd overall, 2nd female (KOM split 1:45:32.1)

Meanwhile on Tuesday 8 April I spent an hour at the gym then ran a hilly 10k run to Northbourne Avenue and back. I didn't know there was a "Lyneham Wetlands"!

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  1. 2nd prize was two all expenses paid trips to anywhere in the world to race sky marathons?