Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feel the power

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Rod introduced me to CIT Fit and Well. The training I do there includes 20 minutes of stair climber - because I want to get used to running 20 minutes for 5k - and exercises for upper back, shoulders, biceps and triceps, as well as more leg strengthening. Then abdomen work and flexibility. The whole idea is to do this work twice a week for 4-6 weeks, then lay off it for 2-4 weeks to get the full benefit. This strength work is done with light weights focusing on "power", i.e. speed of movement for each contraction. But controlled, not too many reps and definitely not too heavy. I do not want to build muscle bulk. It would be so easy to overdo this kind of training.

So what's new? It's "power". Not heavy weights few repetitions. Not just light weights many repetitions. I have just realised the aim for distance runners such as myself needs to be light weights, not that many repetitions, but done after warm-up with speedy efforts, pausing, not flat out! And good form of course.

Not the treadmill either.

p.s. I love running in this rain!


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