Sunday, 16 March 2014

Half a Marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, March 16, 2014 with 2 comments
Some of the highlights from this morning's Weston Creek Half Marathon:
It was good to catch up with Sarah Pau and with Annette Sugden. And I think I saw Katherine Sheppard out on the course.
Jen ran a blinder, 91 minutes, big PB. Third female outright.
Maria ran an extra 6k after following runners she thought were in the race. Despite that she still won the W55 category, running 27k faster than any other W55s ran 21k.
Bronwyn ran a good time, around 1:51, leading up to her marathon.
Other highlights were Bruce Graham out training on the course, Martin Dent doing the awards, several speedygeese winning barrel draw prizes.
All I can say about my run is that I will start training properly tomorrow.

So some comic relief.
How to back your car into a parking space


  1. Great runs from all the Speedygeese! So Jen is on the sub-90 training plan? Young Kym was running well too.

    I'm starting to train properly tomorrow too. Hope to see you at 4.30 (if I'm not sore).

  2. That will be a grand total of 5 speedygeese training properly! This could be a record!
    [Thinks: I wonder if I will be able to move tomorrow after the half marathon?]
    See you at 4:30 for sore, oops, sure.