Wednesday, 14 February 2018


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I should have been busy today, I have to work out how to change ACTMA run/walk handicaps without breaking the system. But it looks like being delayed yet again as speedyJenny and I will go out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sorry Day; to celebrate Valentines Day; to celebrate the 15th anniversary of my retirement from the ABS; to celebrate my brother's 68th birthday; and to celebrate the demise of an awful deputy Prime Minister. And something else, to mourn the Eastern States' flagrant disregard for the need to release water into dying South Australian waterways. By the way, guess who is "water minister" and what state he comes from. Good news today would be his resignation along with the defeat of a motion to reduce the environmental water recovery target. Which gives us more to celebrate, should both happen today.



The choice is obvious, to me.


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