Friday, 22 December 2017

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Sunday 17 December speedygeese long run report [Dave]:
A huge Speedygeese turnout this morning for the world famous Tour De Ridges runs (21.2 k, 15.3k and 10.6k). With slightly warm and humid conditions, and over 600m elevation in the half marathon, it was always going to be a tough run, even for those not racing. 
In the half marathon Narelle was 4th female and 22nd overall in 1:52:56, Adrian got 1:57:07, Giles 1:58:20, Cookie 2:00:29 (6th female), Kelley 2:09:52, Markus 2:14:32, Thommo and Pieta 2:25:11, Lisa 2:26:42 and Sandeep 2:44:05.
Jen and I jogged the half as a training run, with various stops along the way for selfies and chin-ups at Trigs. 😂 Jen ended up with 2:09:19 and I did 2:10:31.
In the 15.3k Mhairi got 1:27:53 (7th female), Graeme 1:31:00, Marcus 1:31:38, Jason 1:34:54, Kerron 1:44:53 and Bron 1:45:19.
In the 10.6k Jacob was first in 41:20, Isaac was jogging and got 12th in 57.01, Ewen 57.09, Geoff (our fearless leader) 1:05:52, Ruth 1:09:55, and Carolyne 1:19:12.
Meanwhile Shiree, Thach, Bronwyn, Mike and Shuji did a 20k long training run at the Urambi Hill / Mt Arawang loop. Reportedly no one got lost.
Great running everyone. Next week’s run starts at an earlier time of 7am. See you there. 🤓

Monday 18 December the speedygeese met at Parliament House for the last time until 8th January. We ran Rose Garden 200s, fewer and with a longer interval than usual because of the heat. I supervised (and ran one interval as I felt OK) while Ewen ran early as well as running all the reps, plus Nadine, Bronwyn, Christopher, Jen, Sandeep, Brownie, Ruth, Jennie, Rae, Vanessa and Giles taking part. Ten intervals were enough for those who usually do 12, and 8 for those usually running 10.

There will be no Parliament House training on 25/12 (Merry Christmas!) nor on 01/01 (Happy New year! Run a parkrun instead – Gungahlin parkun on Christmas Day, and both Tuggerarong (7:30am) and Gungahlin (9:30am) on New Year’s Day. The speedygeese will resume at Parliament House on 8th January.

Thursday 21 December: our very first Thursday training at Stromlo Forest Park. 17 of us met there, along with several other training groups and hordes of cyclists. After a warmup large lap, we enjoyed four hard 500m at the northern hill, then a couple of strides along the 200m straight. It was warm to start with but cooled down a little towards the end when an easterly blew in. Participating were Thach with Ryan and Emily, Jen, Isaac, Pieta, Tori, Janene, Sandeep, Bron, Brownie, Andrew, Ruth, Jennie, Bronwyn, me, and a late Dave.


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