Sunday, 9 October 2016

ACT elections

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With the ACT elections on Saturday 15th, with five seats, and five to be elected in each seat, I thought I would mention a couple of candidates worth voting for in my seat of Ginninderra.

Firstly you cannot go past Gordon Ramsay, a friend of mine who will make an excellent MLA in the next ACT government. His community activities and his strong moral principles are exactly what the Assembly needs.

A little more info and quite an amusing article at

Secondly if you want to put an independent ahead of party representatives you cannot beat Kim Huynh
. Not only is he a hard working politics expert and a great family man, he is a good runner and the brother of speedygeese member Thach Huynh. Anyway, this is Kim, who looks a little like his brother.

More info at

If you are not in the Ginninderra electorate, I hope you have someone worth voting for too.


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