Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Winter Training Hotting Up

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It's Wednesday so this must be about our training sessions.

On Thursday 24 April 5:30pm at Dickson we scheduled a 300m 2 person continuous relay: The Marilyn and Miranda team completed 6 x 300m each; Roger and Rohan 8 x 300m; Kym and I 8 x 300m.

On Saturday 26 April, the 9:00am speedyducks session at Acton Ferry Terminal, Andy and I ran 16km. I backed off the pace because I was worried about my sore foot but we still averaged 5:50 per km including stops, about which I was much pleased.

On Sunday 27 April at Stromlo Forest Park Dave, Andrew and I ran a comfortable 10k (4 big laps) in 55 minutes (5:30 per km). The foot pain seems better today.

On Monday 28 April at Parliament House: Susan, Miranda, Ewen and I ran a good 8k early. For the main session, Andy, Christopher, Colin, Ewen, me, Jen, Kym, Lorena (new), Rae, Ruth, Vanessa & Warrick ran a 15 minute 3 x 350m continuous relay, followed (except for Ewen and I) by a 12 minute 2 x ~300m continuous relay. One who I shall not name, but who is competing in the Australian Mountain Running Championships at Mt Tennent on 11 May, described the training session as “evil”! At the end, Ruth and more seriously Andy became lost! Not a lot of light today; no moon, and few clouds to reflect any city light; but not cold. And we wore our new speedygeese tops!

 Happy parents Joel and Yelena with baby Vianne Isla Pearson.

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  1. I'm very surprised that she who will remain unnamed said that! She's fast (and tough).